Top 10 Most Stunning Waterfalls in India That’ll Leave You Awestruck

It’s truly said that One touch of nature makes the whole world kin”. And what’s the nature without any waterfall!  Waterfall, where you can feel the soul and the inner beauty and also it’s one of the most magnificent creatures of the mother nature.

Nothing can this world can equate to a sight of a sprinkling waterfall shining with the reflection of the sun rays bent from the sky.

Undoubtedly, India is blessed with immense and incredible natural beauty and out of them, Waterfall is one of the best natural gifts from which our great nation’s landscape is decorated with.

In India, there are a number of rivers, mountains, and hills that give us the surety of the Greatest waterfalls present all around.

We all know this thing very well that waterfalls are a delight to watch during the rainy season because of heavy rainfall. Now, it’s a bit tough for you to explore the topmost waterfalls of India as there are many from which you can get confused as you will never find one that you can refuse.

So, for your ease, here I have compiled a list of top 10 amazing waterfalls, whose beauty needs to be appreciated. Go through it thoroughly before you’re planning on spending your vacations in the lap of heaven’s beauty.

List Of India’s 10 Most Stunning Waterfalls That’ll Take Your Breath Away

Chitrakote Waterfall- Chhattisgarh

chitrakoot waterfalls in chattisgarh India mightiest waterfalls

Chhattisgarh offers one of the largest and stunning waterfalls of the country, named as  Chitrakot Waterfall, which also popular as a Niagara falls of India.

It has around 29 meters height and breadth varies according to the water level. The best time to visit here is during and after the monsoon season along with lush green forest around.  

Langshiang Waterfall- Meghalaya

langshiang waterfall in meghalya tallest or highest waterfall

One of the most popular falls, located in the Meghalaya, the state, which receives a substantial amount of rainfall and having a number of fast flowing rivers that run through its hills.

This waterfall features height in excess of 1100 feet that makes it the third highest fall in the country, but there are many doubts over the measurements and due to this reason, it falls the rank.

Jog Falls, Karnataka

jog falls in karnatka, highest waterfalls in world

Jog Falls is counted as one of the highest and most popular waterfalls of our country. Situated in the Shimoga district of Karnataka, which is set against the backdrop of lush green forests.

The best view can be enjoyed best from Watkins platform. And, for the more exciting view, you can also choose another point to enjoy the absolutely stunning view.

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Kynrem Falls, Meghalaya

kynrem falls in meghalaya in north east India

We all are familiar with the beauty of North-East India. It hosts many beautiful landscapes of mountains with a number of waterfalls.

Kynrem Falls is situated in the east Khasi Hills, generating from the top of the hills and cascading downwards in three steps. The best time to visit here is in the month of rainy season.

Kunchikal Falls, Karnataka

Kunchikal Falls udupi shimoga in karnataka india

Situated in the Agumbe Valley in the Shimoga district of Karnataka with the height of 1493 feet and generated by the Varahi River.

The nearby dam construction has led to decline the volume of water that flows through the waterfall during the dry months of the year.

Athirappilly Waterfall, Kerala

Athirappilly Waterfall in kerala India, beautiful waterfalls in India

Kerala- one of the best tourists destinations of India, which is also known as a paradise of natural beauty.

It boasts a number of beautiful beaches and stunning waterfalls and this Athirappily waterfall is one of them. Created by the river Chalakudy, this spot is the perfect getaway if you’re out in search of peace.

Kune Falls, Pune

Kune falls in lonavala near Pune maharashtra
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Kune falls is the hidden gem of Maharashtra with a height of 100 meters. This waterfall is the ideal spot for the picnic with family or friends.

Besides it, the lush green forests and cool breeze in the atmosphere make your day out worth a while.

Nohkalikai Falls, Meghalaya

Nokhalikai falls waterfall in meghalya tallest or highest waterfall in India
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The second highest waterfall of the country with the height of 1100 feet. Located near Cherrapunji which is the rainiest places on earth.

The falls in mainly run by rainwater and loses power during the month of February to December.

Dudhsagar Falls, Goa

Dudhsagar waterfall in India Goa, tallest waterfalls in India

Dudhsagar, the name itself indicates “sea of milk”. With the enormous height of 310 meters and creating a scene of white waterfall truly lives up to the name given to it. 

You may saw this waterfall in Shahrukh Khan Starrer Chennai Express, it is one of the beautiful waterfalls in India.

Situated on the border of Karnataka and Goa and the most stunning look can be viewed by the railway bridge having the grandeur of waterfalls in the backdrop. This view will make your lifetime memorable moment.

Shivanasamudra Falls, Karnataka

Shivanasamudra Falls near bangalore karnataka HighwayMonks
source: YouTube

One of the most powerful waterfalls in the country, which is located on the banks of river Kaveri. With the height of 98 meters, the water makes its way into the rocky bed on the surface.

This beautiful island Shivanasamudra divides the Kaveri river into two parts and hence creating two great waterfalls, named as Gaganchukki and Bharachukki waterfall.

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