4 Must Visit Best Haunted Places near Delhi, other than Bhangarh

No! Bhangarh Fort isn’t the only haunted place near Delhi, but it is definitely the most popular horror place. In almost every friend circle, there is, at least, one person talking about Bhangarh and repeating the old stories.

I started feeling bored with them and if you feel the same, then let’s check out the list of haunted places to visit near Delhi, other than Bhangarh Fort. Ok?

Best 5 Haunted Places Near Delhi

I’m keeping aside the reported haunted places in Delhi. This compilation features places which are outside Delhi and considered as India’s most popular haunted places

#1 Chand Baori, Abhaneri

source: match holiday Blog

Located near my village town, Baswa, Chand Baori is a haunted place in Rajasthan. It is a step well and since childhood, we’re repeatedly told not to go nearby. Later, I went there in the search of ghosts, but couldn’t find any!

However, you’ll not feel disappointed as the architecture here is one of its kind. The step well includes more than 3,500 steps and you can see a lot of bats hanging out in the dark corners.

The locals still believe that it was built in just one night. Going with that theory, the ghosts must have been civil engineers in their past.

Distance from Delhi – 240KMs

#2 GP Block

GP Block
source: haunted India Blog

If you’ve just a day to see ghosts, then GP Block in Meerut is the best option. People living nearby have been reporting about women wearing red sarees, four persons enjoying alcohol with a candle at the center table, and a lady sitting on the rooftop in dark hours.

You should definitely visit the two-story abandoned building in the daytime, but the best hours will be the midnight!

Just like this, you can find a good number of similar stories, related to ghosts in abandoned buildings. All you have to do is interact with locals and you may find the ghost of your life.

Interested in the witch hunt?

Distance from Delhi – 91KMs

#3 BrijRaj Bhavan Palace

Source: HauntedIndia Blog

A heritage hotel located in the Kota, Rajasthan is known for its haunted stories, other than the traditional architecture it features. It is located on the banks of Chambal river.

Most of the ghost stories include Major Burton who was killed by Indian sepoys during 1857. He served as the British Resident to Kota.

The reason why this ghost story holds weight is because the Queen of Kota herself have reported few incidents to the journalists in 1980. She reported seeing a ghost of Major Burton for a number of times.

Once you’re in Kota, you can visit other places in the city too. You can find a good number of local recipes like Dal Bati (Bafla) and spend time at the banks of river Chambal. The city is not that big, and it can be explored completely within a week.

Distance from Delhi – 524KMs

#4 Lambi Dehar Mines

Lambi Dehar Mines - Haunted Places near Delhi
source: YouTube (Lalit Singh)

If you’ve planned to visit Mussoorie in Uttarakhand, then you should visit Lambi Dehar Mines or Lambidhar Mines. The place is located on the outskirts of the main hill town. Locals living around have been reporting about a witch who has claimed a few lives.

People living in the town are still not believing in any of the witch stories. The only way to find out if it’s real or fake is to visit the mines by yourself.

Before leaving, I’ll advise you to check the time. As the place is way out of the primary town, there are almost no resources in case of an emergency. So, it is advisable to visit these haunted mines during the daytime only.

Bhangarh Fort, Ajabgarh

Haunted Places near Delhi Bhangarh
source: triptobhangarh.blogspot.com

Needless to say, Bhangarh Fort is the top-ranked haunted place in India. Not just in Rajasthan or near Delhi!

As per the official orders, no one is allowed to go inside the fort after sunset. Why people not allowed in Bhangarh Fort after sunset is known to no one. But, I can tell one thing from my years of experience that, this fort became one of the most haunted places near Delhi after that official order was posted outside.

There has been a few brave hearts who took the risk. As per their stories, there is something ‘not right’ in the fort, which is usually felt during the night.

Whether you believe in ghosts or not, Bhangarh Fort is a must visit. You might get a chance to take a selfie with ghosts which can make you look cool on Facebook. Who knows?

Your Turn!

Now, share your experiences of these best-haunted places near Delhi in the comment section, or you can suggest few more haunted places near Delhi for the compilation.

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