7 Amazingly Beautiful and Best River Dams In India You can Visit

Great dams come with the great rivers! And you live in a country which is blessed with a slew of large and holy rivers.

On the thousands of rivers approximately 4,300 dams have already been constructed and more are in the row. Some of them are world famous for their unique qualities of construction.

Check out the best Dams across India which is really worthy of walk-through with besties:

List of Best River Dams in India

#1. Tehri Dam, Uttarakhand

Tehri Dam in uttrakhand
source : uk govt

Height – 260 meters

Length – 575 meters

Nearest Railway station – Rishikesh at 76 km

Nearest Airport – Jolly Grant, Dehradun at 93 km

With the immense height, Tehri dam stands on the top of the list of the highest dams in India and 8th on the world rank.

Tehri dam is located on the holy Bhagirathi river and is one of the most breathtaking places in Uttarakhand. With its gigantic height, it offers the picturesque view of vast water and nearby beauties.

#2. Bhakra Nangal Dam, Himachal Pradesh

Bhakra Nangal Dam himachal pradesh
source : Environmental Justice Atlas

Height – 226 meters

Length – 520 meters

Nearest Railway Station – Nangal Dam

Nearest Airport – Dharamsala at 100 km

Listed as the largest dam in India and the second largest in Asia, Bhakra Nangal dam is a concrete gravity dam built across the Sutlej river.

The dam is located in the best scenic region and offers the spectacular view of water, greeneries and yes, its own architect. This is the popular destination among the travelers where you can also sight a glimpse of various species of birds.

#3. Nagarjuna Sagar Dam, Andhra Pradesh

Nagarjuna Sagar Dam
source : Mapio.net

Height – 124 meters

Length – 1,450 meters

Nearest Railway Station – Macherla at 24 km

Nearest Airport – Hyderabad at 150 km

Nagarjuna Sagar dam is the world’s largest masonry dam and is constructed on the Krishna River. Surrounded by the natural beauties, it is certainly a place to head to with your friends and loved-ones.

Especially, the view from the top is extremely stunning and will surely leave your eyes and jaw wide open! You can also catch a number of bird species here.

#4. Hirakud Dam, Odisha

Hirakud Dam
source : Civil Engineering Solutions

Height – 60.96 meters

Length – 25.8 kilometers

Nearest Railway Station – Sambalpur at approx. 15 km

Nearest Airport – Bhubaneswar at 324 km

Hirakud dam is a popular tourist destination which is built across the Mahanadi River. With the total length of 26 kilometers, it is the longest dam in the world.

The dam has two observation towers which are named “Gandhi Minar” and “Nehru Minar”. Many travelers come here every year to admire the natural beauty that further enhances the view. Also, this place would be a compliment for the bird watchers as they can sight here various species of birds.

#5. Sardar Sarovar Dam, Gujarat

Sardar Sarovar Dam gujarat
source : Gujarat Tourism

Height – 163 meters

Length – 1,210 meters

Nearest Railway Station – Bharuch at 94 km

Nearest Airport – Vadodara at 93 km

Another vast and beautiful dam in the country, Sardar Sarovar dam is built across the holy Narmada river that’s why it is also known as Narmada Dam. With the massive height of 163 meters, it is listed as the second highest concrete gravity dam in the world.

The dam is the main water source for the drought-prone regions of Kutch and Saurashtra. It also provides water to four major Indian states, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Rajasthan.

It is famous tourist destination known for its fine natural aura. Many nearby holy places related to the river are frequently visited by the travelers.

#6. Bisalpur Dam, Rajasthan

Bisalpur Dam
source : India TV

Height – 39.6 meters

Length – 558.6 meters

Nearest Railway Station – Bansthali-Niwai at 86 km

Nearest Airport – Jaipur at 162 km

The largest dam of Rajasthan, Bisalpur dam is located in Tonk District and constructed on the Banas River.

It is a major source of water supply in the nearby regions. As it is situated between the two mountains, it offers a splendid view of the endless water with magnificent greeneries.

There is also an artificial sculpture of all small and large mountains of Rajasthan. You can also visit several nearby temples.

If you love bird watching than this place is no less than heaven as you can sight various local as well as migratory species here.

#7. Tungabhadra Dam, Karnataka

Tungabhadra Dam in night
source : Tourmet

Height – 49.38 meters

Length – 2441 meters

Nearest Railway Station – Yalvigi at 42 km

Nearest Airport – Hubli at 83 km

Tungabhadra dam is built on the Tungabhadra River, a tributary of sacred Krishna River and the largest dam of Karnataka.

It is situated 5 kilometers away from the famous Hospet town. The dam offers majestic sights and many travelers come here every year to enjoy the beauty.

Visitors can also spot various species of fish and animals here. The other places to visit here are Japanese garden and Musical Mountain.

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