List Most Beautiful Scenic Train Routes in India to Travel

You must have heard about the thrilling experience of Rail Journey from Mumbai to Goa!! Read on and find out other exciting railway routes in India for the best scenic views.

In short, the best railway journeys in India!

Best Railway Journeys in India The Most Scenic ones

There is a common discussion about Indian Railways among foreigners. The trains are usually late, so you better have a hobby like reading to pass the time.

#1 Kalka – Kandaghat – Shimla

96 kilometers, 5 hours, 102 tunnels and 82 bridges !! sounds exciting, if not enough then prepare yourself to indulge more in the natural beauty of Shimla with the pine trees, oaks, valleys, Deodar and Rhododendron forests once you reach!

Educating you about this railroad, this route was started back in 1903 and has been listed in the Guinness Book of World Record for the steepest rise in altitude in a span of 96 kilometers.

kalka shimla railway train
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This total journey of 5 hours more indulges you when you ride on the Kalka-Shimla toy train. Riding on this train which is now a UNESCO World Heritage site since 2008, you will pass through the scenic valleys, rolling bands, steep curves and foggy meadows.

In my opinion, this journey of 5 hours by the toy train is more exciting and memorable than the destinations themselves, however, the time taken by the little train may be relatively more.

#2 Jammu to Baramulla

The journey from Jammu to Baramulla by the train would be one of the most thrilling and breathtaking experience. This railway track which connects Jammu, Udhampur, Srinagar and Baramulla is one of the most challenging projects for the Indian Railway.

Jammu to Baramulla train journey
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It is located in the high-intensity earthquake zone with the uneven terrains and the extreme up and down of the temperature further creates complexity!

To complete this wonderful journey which is filled with full of amazes right from the start, you will pass through the 20 major tunnels and over 150 bridges. You can not miss the mesmerising view of rivers and valleys during the complete travel.

#3 Mumbai to Goa

You must have heard people talking about this amazing route from Mumbai to Goa. What’s so special about this journey, you will find out soon, Read on!

Around 600 kilometers railway Journey takes you trough the number of breathing curves, endless tunnels, stunning river bridges, amazing waterfalls, scenic landscapes and countless small villages under the shades of coconut trees.

Mumbai to goa by train konkan railway
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More exciting about this route is, it passes through the large coastline of the Arabian Sea and the majestic and splendid Sahyadri mountain ranges. This complete route crushes through the 92 tunnels and over 2000 bridges, and each moment of this journey gives you the postcard-worthy memories.

#4 Hubli to Madgaon

The journey from Hubli to Madgaon become more thrilling and enchanting when the train passes through the vast and most magnificent Dudhsagar Waterfall bursting out from a height of 300 meters and located on the Mandovi river on Goa-Karnataka border.

Hubli to Madgaon dudhsagar waterfall train
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If you want to have a closer look of the breathtaking waterfall, step out at Lodha Junction which is the nearest. The more scenic beauty of this route includes immense greenery, water bodies and majestic view of Sahyadri hills.

#5 Kanyakumari to Trivandrum

Though this is small rail route experience of approx. two hours, it is considered among the charming, picturesque, in short, the best train journey in India. However, this small railway journey is a part of the entire track which runs from Bangalore to Kanyakumari, a total distance of 930 kilometers.

Kanyakumari to trivandrum
Taken from Train near Nagercoil

The whole journey offers you the best of Tamil Nadu and Kerala and the most rusting view of local life in a very short duration of time. This route is about to mesmerising the beauty of nature. During the entire rail-run, your eyes will be witnessed of the different shades of greeneries and a unique style of architecture.

#6 Mandapam – Pamban – Rameswaram

Last on the list, but must on the go. The route runs between Mandapam in Tamil Nadu and Rameswaram, the holy place on Pamban island and is the most adventuring and thrilling train journey in India.

The train runs through India’s second largest sea bridge, the Pamban Bridge which floats over the flat blue sea on the Palk Strait. This bridge is also considered among the most dangerous train routes in India as it runs on the narrow bridge.

pamban bridge indian railways indianable
Pamban Bridge

Crossing the bridge, this journey offers you an overwhelming experience full of splendid views and sites including the sparkling ultramarine water of the Indian Ocean. This journey is surely one you will fall in love with right at the moment.

Have you done any of these best railway journeys in India? As we’re talking of Indian Railways here, you can always travel with local ticket and travel cheap. However, be ready for an experience if you’re new to this.

There are many other most Scene railway routes in India, If you have been to some other routes then do mention such beautiful rail routes of Indian Railways.

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