7 Breathtaking Longest Road Tunnels in India You should See

If you are on a road trip and there is a tunnel ahead, it just doubles the excitement of the trip as it makes you feel more alive, doesn’t it?

Driving or passing through the underground is the most thrilling and equally exciting experience that leaves everybody enthralled.

We live in a country that is marked for having one of the largest transport networks in the world. And, tunnels & bridges play an important role in shortening the travel distance.

Thanks to the gigantic mountain ranges of the country like Aravali, Vindhya, Satpura, Pir Panjal range, Western Ghats and Himalayan, that we have some additional thrills in our journey while passing through them.

From East to West and North to South, we have dug them all out! And listed them all here, right in this guide of the Longest Road Tunnels in India.

Watch out, Claustrophobics are advised to avoid such tracks!

List of Longest Road Tunnels in India

Believe me, you’ll feel energized enough to scream like a mad person, once inside any of these India’s longest tunnel roads. At least, we do!

#1. Patnitop Tunnel (Jammu & Kashmir)

patnitop tunnel - Longest Road Tunnels in India
Source: Indian Gov

Located in Udhampur district of Jammu & Kashmir, the Patnitop Tunnel is finally done with the civil work and is already open for traffic, March in 2017.

You can read more Facts about the Patnitop Tunnel or Chenani Nashri Tunnel.

So, this is the India’s longest road tunnel right now in J&K.

It is India’s longest road tunnel, also known as Chenani-Nashri tunnel. It is situated under the Shivalik mountain ranges of the great Himalayas and will be among the longest road tunnel in World. With the total length of 9.2 kilometers, the Nashri tunnel will also find its name on the list of longest road tunnels in Asia.

The two-lane underway will reduce the distance between Jammu and Srinagar, and also help in getting rid of traffic jams on NH-1A due to heavy snowfalls in winter.

Besides the main road tunnel, there is a narrow parallel escape tunnel for the emergency situations. It also gets the extraction of smoke and persons in case of fire and accident.

Patnitop Tunnel Road Status : Completed

#2. Rohtang Tunnel (Himachal Pradesh)

rohtang tunnel - Longest Road Tunnels in India
source: hillpost.in

Nestled at a breathtaking altitude of 3,978 meters, Rohtang Tunnel would be the World’s Highest Road Tunnel.  The tunnel is situated beneath the spectacular Rohtang pass of eastern Pir Panjal ranges and with the total length of 8.8 kilometers, it holds the second position in the name of longest road tunnels in India.

Located on the picturesque Leh-Manali Highway in Himachal Pradesh, the two-lane mighty tunnel cuts the distance between Manali and Keyong by more than 50 kilometers.

Status of Rohtang Tunnel: Under construction 

#3. Jawahar Tunnel (Jammu & Kashmir)

Also known as Banihal tunnel, the  Jawahar tunnel lies beneath the Banihal pass and connects Jammu to Kashmir Valley throughout the year on Jammu – Srinagar National Highway. The tunnel passes through numerous scenic spots of the Valley making it an awe-inspiring journey.

With the total stretch of 2.5 kilometers, the two tube road tunnel is situated at an elevation of 2,194 meters and runs from Banihal to Qazigund. It is considered among the longest road tunnel projects of the country.

After the refurbishment, the tunnel is now equipped with CCTV, temperature sensors, ventilation system, emergency exit and a world-class lighting system.

#4. Kamshet-West Tunnel (Maharashtra)

Kamshet-West Tunnel in mumbai pune expressway
source: indiamike.com

One of the longest road tunnels in Maharashtra is suited near Kamshet in Pune. Also known as Kamshet-I Tunnel, it has two tubes and three lanes and lies on the striking Mumbai – Pune Expressway, India’s first six-lane concrete tolled expressway which is stretched in a distance of 93 kilometers.

The interesting part is, there is another underway in progress in the state and is reported to be the second longest tunnel in India. This 8 kilometers long tunnel will connect Khopoli to Lonavala.

#5. Ghat Ki Guni Tunnel (Rajasthan)

Ghat ki Ghuni Tunnel In Rajasthan Jaipur
source: India Today

Ghat ki Guni Tunnel is the only eastern entrance and exit points in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The 2.8 kilometers long tunnel is the heritage rich buildings on both sides and is bored through the Jhalana hills. The tunnel features beautiful lighting from inside and majestic landscapes view from outside.

#6. Bhatan Tunnel (Maharashtra) 

bhatan tunnel mumbai pune expressway
source: Indianroads

With the total length of 1.0 kilometer, the Bhatan Tunnel is marked as the highly advanced tunnel in India. Located on the Mumbai – Pune Expressway, the tunnel has brought in new transportation standards in terms of safety and speed.

With the six high-speed lanes, the tunnel significantly reduced the travel time between Mumbai and Pune.

#7. Aut Tunnel (Himachal Pradesh)

kullu manali road tunnel 3 KMs long

Around 15 minutes journey under the dusky light of Aut tunnel on Chandigarh – Manali National Highway 21 would be one of the most thrilling road experiences in India.

Located near the Larji Dam Reservoir, the Aut tunnel is stretched in 3 kilometers and the only getaway to Kullu – Manali.

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India is so huge there must be some other tunnels also, If you know some more of longest Road Tunnels in India, do mention in the comment section.

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