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Here I’m sharing a list of Visa free countries for Indians. Yes, the countries where you can go unplanned and can ask for Visa on arrival. Interested?

Everyone wants to travel around the world, but the mere thought of getting through the procedure for obtaining the visa is so frustrating that it just kills the mood.

As it requires so many proofs, documents and many other things and in case if we do all those efforts, we are not even sure that the trip is worth it or not. So, due to this irritating procedure, more than half of us, cancel the abroad trip.

Now to get rid of from all these things, it’s better to look out those international destinations where you can just go without visa hassles.

There is no doubt that our country always offers many beautiful sights to see, but it’s interesting to know what lies beyond.

Though visa for a few countries is not really a hassle, but it’s great to know that there are still some destinations where Indian citizens are allowed to set foot without a visa.

List of Visa Free Countries for Indians

In this article, I have compiled the list of visa free countries for Indian passport holders. So, whenever you want to go abroad without any bother of a visa, just go through the list mentioned and try any of these.

Hong Kong

hong kong without visa travel for Indians
source: Hong Kong Hotels

Hong Kong– one of the most sparkling Asian countries with a thriving nightlife. And, you will be happy to know that it’s also known as a great shopping destination.

Visa for Hong Kong is free for Indian passport holders for 14 days and I think it’s more than enough to explore what it has to offer.


fiji travel from India without visa
source: Expedia

Fiji– the perfect destination where you will get to see blue lagoons, palm trees and some of the beaches across the world.

This place is the perfect picture of exotic islands and also it offers a lot more to see, such as Mount Tomanivi, Denarau island, Bouma National Heritage Park, Sawa-i-Lau ( a limestone island), the Sigatoka sand dunes and Navala village.

Visa is not required for up to 120 days for citizens of India.


Jamaica international tours for Indians visa free
source : Wikipedia

Whenever I hear the name of this destination, the first thing that comes to my mind is a lazy day spending on the beach with taking a sip of some Pina Coladas while some Reggae music plays in the background.

Jamaica is the perfect place to visit for a break as it offers lush mountains, reef-lined coasts, and a great nightlife. It’s a visa-free Destination for Indians.


Mauritius visa free country for Indians
source: CNTraveller.com

Albeit, this place is much more popular among the honeymoon couples, but it’s also a great destination for family trips as well as a trip with friends.

There are plenty of things, which you can do like scuba diving, snorkeling, big game fishing, sailing, skydiving, big cat interactions at Casela Nature Park and much more. Visa free visits up to 60 days for the citizens of India.


Bhutan visa free destination for Indian people
source: Independent

Bhutan welcomes you with lush greenery, the mighty Himalayas, and quaint monasteries that make it a better place for a little break from your hustle-bustle life.

It’s the ideal vacation destination, especially for those, who want to disconnect from the world for a few days, Place to visit are Thimphu, Paro, Taktsang Lhakhang, Dochu La Pass and Gangtey. Visa is not required for up to 14 days for Indians.


Nepal trip without visa and passport for Indians
source: Volla

If you’re looking to travel abroad for spending holidays, then what’s better than our sweet neighbor, Nepal.

Every Indian should visit this place for enjoying the lap of nature as it offers the big Himalayas and a number of adventurous sports, which are available there. Nepal is Visa and Passport free Country for Indians, even Indians can work there without any special papers.


Macau visa free destination for Indians
source: macaucasinos

Those, who follow the IIFA awards, they definitely must have heard about this place already.

Macau is the special administrative region of China and also it’s one of the world’s richest cities, which is known as the “Las Vegas of Asia”. For Indians, a visa is free for 60 days.

Share your favorite destination from this list of Visa free locations for Indians. Already packed your bags?

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